Support Groups: SIBS NJ organizes group meetings and social events for siblings to connect and network. Groups will meet in the evenings at non-profit organizations, resource centers, libraries and other spaces in the state willing and able to host the organization. Groups will be broken up by age based on the number of interested participants (there are teen/young adult, and adult support groups). The schedule including times and location will be posted on our Meetings and Events page, and sent out to members once they are confirmed.

Sib Panels: Sib panels can provide a plethora of new and significant information on the sibling perspective to parents and service providers. SIBS NJ aims to host several panels for parents to come and ask questions to siblings across the lifespan in order to cultivate new ideas and gain insight into how to effectively talk, engage, and grow with your children whom are siblings to a brother or sister with special needs. These will be scheduled and posted on our Meeting and Events page and will also be mailed out to members and service providers who request information.

Information: SIBS NJ seeks to empower its participants by helping siblings connect to much needed resources in the state and beyond through an exchange of knowledge and information about housing, day programs, education, extracurricular activities, respite care, family therapy and more.

General Resources for Sibs & Individuals with Disabilities in NJ


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